Agent Venture: The Heist

Agent Venture stands outside the HQ of B.A.D. Corp, ready to expose their many crimes. But they can’t succeed alone. You and your friends must help them infiltrate the HQ, navigate the labyrinth corridors, hack doors, distract guards, bluff past nosey receptionists, and more.

Rating: Incredible!
Completion Time: 50 Minutes
Date Played: 11th October 2020
Party Size: 5
Recommended For: Everyone / Party

It’s me… I keep uploading secret files to social media. Oops!

Agent Venture experiences have a few things that set them apart from other escape games. Firstly, you have a live actor with you the whole time (thanks Dispatch Jason!). Secondly, ahead of the game all players must choose their role – and choose carefully! Thirdly, it’s not exactly an escape game – it’s an ADVENTURE. Fourthly, and most importantly, it’s so much more than an adventure – it’s a choose your own adventure. Every path you take is unique and every team who plays will have a very different experience from the next.

The story goes you and your fellow team are members of the Centralised Tactics, Reconnaissance and Logistics – or CTRL for short. You play the ‘eyes in the sky’ with a constant comms link to an agent on the ground. Your mission is to infiltrate B.A.D. Corp Headquarters in order to expose the CEO’s crimes. However doing so sounds a lot easier than it is.

But it’s a good job you and your team are specialists huh? That’s right. Before playing we all had to pick our particular role in the team. Depending on what you chose, you’ll have access to different pieces of information. I played the role of the Researcher: Responsible for connecting the dots and sifting through large amounts of data quite quickly.

Besides Researcher, there’s the Navigator whose role it is to use the floor maps and guide our agent safely through the building. There’s a Hacker, the queen or king of logic puzzles and hacking the matrix. A Communicator role who mans the phones and acts as the voice of the group. Finally (for a group of 5) a Co-Ordinator role who oversees that the whole team is on the right track, makes decisions, and keeps us in check.

Once you’ve picked your role and begun the game – the possibilities are endless! At every roadblock you have a choice of different routes to take. The routes you take will have consequences down the line (if you didn’t direct the agent to pick up an item for example). As well as the ‘given’ routes you can take, you’re encouraged to think outside of the box. *cough* our team trying to call a bomb threat and arguing with the Chief of Security about why it was so important to evacuate.

So was it fun? SO MUCH FUN. The game is yours and you’ll have as much fun as you put into it. We gave it our all and came away grinning from ear to ear. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon … Or any other day of the week for that matter! Highly recommended.

Agent Venture: The Heist can be booked for £10 per player on their website or Design My Night.


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