…And the award goes to the least creatively named blog goes to me! šŸ‘

I created this website in late 2019 as a way of documenting (and getting all excited about) all the escape rooms I’ve played! Yes, yes, I know! Yet ANOTHER escape room blog. But why not? The world needs a little more fun in it.

Besides, I no longer write exclusively about escape rooms. Give me a play at home game, board game, book or video game any day. If it’s puzzle based and escape room adjacent, I’ll give it a go!

About Me

A little about me? I’m 24, living in London, UK and I identify as female (she/her pronouns). I have blue hair, drink way too much tea, and am obsessed with 80s music. My favourite genre(s) of escape games are: Sci-Fi, 80s, Magic, Spooky, and anything that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m a bit of a scaredycat, so no horror for me please!

Full Disclaimer: I work in the escape room industry as both an escape room / game designer and a marketing professional. If you fancy hiring me, please check out my portfolio here. For obvious reasons I do not review games I have worked as a designer on – however I may still give an honest review of a game I was involved in the marketing of!

How I Review

It’s my personal motto to find the good in everything – there are no negative reviews on this site!

My reviews will typically have a descriptor adjective, some advice on who I recommend the game for, and an overview of plot/puzzles/gameplay (spoiler free!).

If I’ve reviewed your escape room / game / immersive experience you’re completely welcome to quote me and use my photographs as testimonials or in your marketing with credit!