…And the award goes to the least creatively named blog goes to me! πŸ‘

I created this website in 2019 as a way of documenting (and getting all excited about) all the escape rooms I’ve played! Yes, yes, I know! Yet ANOTHER escape room blog. But why not? The world needs a little more fun in it. I now also review board games, video games, books and more. If it’s puzzle based and escape room adjacent, chances are I love it.

About Me

A little about me? I’m 24, living in London, UK and I identify as female (she/her pronouns). I have blue hair, drink way too much tea, and am obsessed with 80s music. My favourite genre(s) of escape games are: Sci-Fi, 80s, Magic, Spooky, and anything that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m a bit of a scaredycat, so no horror for me please!

Full Disclosure

Employment: In 2019-20 I was employed full time in the escape room industry as a game designer / marketing professional. I also freelance both services regularly. I (obviously) do not review games I have been involved in the design with, but I may review a game I helped market! I currently (post 2020) work in the videogame industry, same rules apply. In any case, all opinions my own, and my involvement does not consciously affect a review in any way.

Sourcing Games: Free games are often sent to be in exchanged for reviews on this website. This does not affect my review. Gifted games are tagged with ‘Gifted’ for full transparency. I do not accept payment in any form.

Review Policy

I created this blog as a hobby project to support the escape room industry. As such, I do not write negative reviews. This is not because I’m afraid to write a negative opinion – it’s because there are many other review sites out there that you can go to for critique. I prefer to focus on the positives and celebrate the creator’s work. If I didn’t like a game, I do not review it.


It goes without saying that everything on the blog belongs to me, the blogger. Please, please do not use any of my photographs, copy or assets without permission. The only exception is if I have written a review of your game, you may use my work e.g. quotes or photographs in your marketing with credit.