…And the award goes to the least creatively named blog to me! 👏

What started on Instagram as a way of keeping track of (and raving about!) the various escape rooms I’ve played, is not a BLOG! Yes, yes, I know, another escape room blog – but why not? The world needs a little bit more fun in it!

Welcome to my little space on the internet where I talk about escape rooms, immersive experiences, and play at home games! My personal motto is to find the good in everything. Every game out there has something good to say about it, and I want to use my reviews to celebrate the designers that work so hard to keep us entertained. If I really, really didn’t like a game, I’ll not review it. Simple as that!


A little about me? I’m 24, living in London, UK and I identify as female (she/her pronouns). I have blue hair, drink way too much tea, and am obsessed with 80s music. My favourite genre(s) of escape games are: Sci-Fi, 80s, Magic, Spooky, and anything that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I do not like horror (sorry!).

Please note: When I first started this blog I was an escape room hobbyist only, but since have been lucky enough to be hired in the escape room industry as both a marketing professional and a game designer. I may give an honest review of a game I’ve been involved in the marketing of, but I do not review games I have created (for obvious reasons!) All opinions are my own and not representative of my employer.


How I Review

I review with a descriptor word e.g. “Amazing”, “Historical”, “Spooky”. My reviews will generally talk about the plot, puzzles, gameplay, and any other important information about a game! I’ll include 2 – 5 photographs or screenshots of the game / my team.

If I’ve reviewed your escape room / game / immersive experience you’re completely welcome to quote me and use my photographs as testimonials or in your marketing with credit!



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Or contact me at theescaperoomer@gmail.com for any enquiries!