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I’m super pleased to announce that … *drumroll* … The Escape Roomer has a new platform! From February 2021 we’ll be doing a weekly video game stream on Twitch in the escape room genre, and I CAN’T WAIT!

“But why?” I hear you ask from the background. Well, namely I’ve really started to pick up playing more and more puzzle games since adding it as a category to this blog. Since I’m playing them anyway, I figured why not do a short stream too? In a written blog post you can only say so much about a game. It’s much more fun to show!

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a videogame streaming platform where you can watch, or play along with your favourite content creators as they play video games. People use Twitch for a variety of reasons – you might be looking for your next favourite game but aren’t ready to commit, you might enjoy watching your favourite streamer provide commentary to a game, or you might just just want to support folks you like *cough cough*.

What will I be streaming?

I’ll be sticking to the escape room video game genre – by this I mean playing games available on PC, Nintendo Switch or PS4 where puzzles are the primary mechanic. I also enjoy playing detective games, walking simulators, and anything that fits under the umbrella. Please, if you have a suggestion I’d love to hear it though!


I’ll be streaming every Thursday from 7pm – 9pm (UK time)!

Each stream I’ll be focusing on just one escape room video game and 1-2 hours is about enough to get into the game, but hopefully not too long that it spoils it!

Here’s the plan:

11/02The House of Da Vinci
18/02Dear Esther
25/02Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis


My aim when it comes to streaming escape room video games isn’t to spoil the game but offer teasers into what it’s like to play! This’ll be a tricky balance to strike, so I’m very open to feedback on how to best achieve this!

Sounds Great! I’m In!

*ahhhh* you can go ahead and follow my Twitch channel over at!

Even if you’re not sure you can tune in, I really, really appreciate the support! I’m *glances around awkwardly* pretty nervous about doing this, but if I provide even a tiny bit of entertainment to even one person, it’ll be worth it!

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