The Locked Room: The Heist

Join a team of bandits as they attempt to pull off one of the most audacious heists you’ve ever seen! But will you make your getaway in time?

Rating: Fun
Completion Time: 1.5 hours
Date Played: 29th of May 2020
Party Size: 1

The Heist is a brand new play at home game from family run escape room The Locked Room. It’s full of charm, has some fantastic puzzles (and fantastically tricky ones too) and clearly has a lot of love poured into it. The best part? With every purchase £2.50 (or £5 if you complete the game) is donated to a local charity (The Eastbourne Food Bank). What’s not to love?

In terms of gameplay, The Heist is played via a google form, which is unique and interesting ** Note: This is at the time of reviewing and may change! This requires you to input a correct answer at each stage as you navigate through the plot. A mix of traditional puzzles (think mazes, ciphers and logic puzzles) combined with having to step out into the real world such Google Street view and scouring real life websites for small details to help you crack the case. A detail I love during quarantine – it almost makes you forget that everything is shut and we can’t leave our apartments!

As such, it’s brilliantly immersive. As the plot goes, if you really were to plan such an audacious heist as this, I reckon I’d be doing the exact same things as the game pushes you to and I think that’s a great touch. First, scout the location, pick up your gear, travel there, time your escape, and drop your van off. Somebody has really thought this one through! Right down to what a lovely touch the playlists are on each page.

I will add that whilst the puzzles aren’t the best examples of each of their types I’ve ever seen, there is enough in the game to keep you immersed and excited for well over an hour. Similarly, the graphics aren’t incredible – but then not everyone is a photoshop wizard and this should never stop an escape room company from releasing such a fun game!

A final note, I played this game solo and it worked well. I think this game would be best for smaller groups (or indeed solo if you want a mini adventure of your own for an afternoon!).

The Heist can be purchased for £10 on The Locked Room‘s website.

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