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Deadlocked: The Insiders

The Wexell Corporation has a problem right now. There’s a mole in the company, working against us with some very sensitive information and we need YOU to find out who’s been sneaking around where they shouldn’t.

Rating: Unmissable
Completion Time: 6.5 hours
Date Played: 16th – 23rd of May 2020
Party Size: 4

The Insiders is without a doubt the best value for money play-at-home escape room on the market! For £9.99 you get a 6+ hour experience (or 3 individual escape rooms if you split them up) – but be sure to buy it and support them soon though! It won’t always be this price and frankly Deadlocked deserve all the support in the world!

It’s not just great value for price, The Insiders is uniquely immersive. Unlike others on the market, you have to virtually step out into the real world to solve this. I found myself scouring people’s Facebook accounts, walking miles in Google Street View, and looking up obscure details about real life concerts that happened years ago. It’s utterly believable … And for a brief moment during this lockdown pandemic, it was almost like I was back in the real world. Almost!

In a big race to uncover a mole inside the mysterious Wexell Corporation, you really have to think outside the box. Deadlocked push the boundaries of what is possible in an escape room and they absolutely NAILED IT.

Overall, a complete joy to play. The only reason I can’t give this a 5* review is for the one fiendishly difficult and frustrating mini-game you get right in the middle. It took our team a little over 2 hours to complete, after which we had to take a long break! HOWEVER – Deadlocked have since simplified this to make the final stage a little easier, so take this with a pinch of salt.


Back onto more positive things, almost all the puzzles were pitched perfectly. Every single player contributed something (even the 10 year old!) and enjoyed the game a lot. Smiles all round and a fantastic sense of completion at the end! After The Insiders, play at home escape rooms will never be the same again. It’ll be a tall order for any escape room company to live up to the brilliance of The Insiders.

Thanks for the experience!

The Insiders can be purchased for £9.99 from Deadlocked Escape Rooms website. The price can also be redeemed against an escape room when they reopen.

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