Escape Hunt: Treasure of the Aztecs

Can you decipher the ancient Aztec clues and find Montezuma’s long lost treasure?

Rating:  Exciting
Completion Time: 39 minutes
Date Played: 26th of April 2020
Party Size: 2

The second play at home escape room I’ve played since quarantine started, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The play at home genre is just so cool? A great way to stay in contact with friends, family, and well … Not lose your mind in lockdown. Treasure of the Aztecs by Escape Hunt didn’t disappoint!

Split out over two parts, you and your teammates go on a big ole’ treasure hunt across the world. Think: Maps… Codes… Ancient Aztec texts to decipher. It’s exciting, realistic, and exactly what you want in a treasure hunt!

One thing I particularly enjoyed was the addition of a chat bot (or should I say… a direct line to the director of the museum) to help. At any point you could pick up your phone and ask for a hint. The hints come through conversationally and you must check your answers with the Museum Director as you go. You solve something, he’ll send a team of excavators out to investigate, and the game proceeds. It really works.

Overall, loved it! Rated 4 stars for immersiveness, strong puzzles, great narrative.

The Treasure of the Aztecs can be purchased for £14.99 on Escape Hunt‘s website.

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