Escape Hunt: A Dalek Awakens

The Doctor needs you: A rogue Dalek, a spaceship on the verge of destruction and an impossible choice…

Rating: Brilliant
Completion Time: 48 minutes
Date Played: 9th of March 2020
Party Size: 4

This week in Reading and Birmingham, international escape room company Escape Hunt launched a new game in partnership with the BBC – Doctor Who: A Dalek Awakens.

As I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the first to play it, I thought I’d leave a little review. But I should definitely preface this by saying I’m not a Doctor Who fan. A lot of the more exciting references (BADWOLF anyone?) went over my head! But that just goes to show that the room is still great fun without.

So here goes… A ‘one room’ game, you and your friends are transported onto a terraforming spaceship that has been taken over by (an honestly terrifyingly realistic) Dalek. The Dalek is draining the power fast and you have to stop it.

One thing in particular I enjoyed is that each player has a specific role. In my game, I was the ‘Sheriff’, alongside other roles such as ‘Captain’ and ‘Navigator’. Frankly, I think The Sheriff is a name to rival The Doctor! But jokes aside, I really appreciate escape rooms that do that. It gives you an active role to play and a believable part of the action.

The game also encourages you to think outside the box … No REALLY think outside the box. Never breaking immersion once, you’re not just looking for a mechanism to solve the puzzle. You actually have to be present on that spaceship. Such as: “Okay, I need to fix the oxygen, where might I find this?”. It’s tricky to explain this without so many spoilers – but if anyone is excited to play it, keep this in mind. You’re not looking for a button, you really have to believe what you see in order to make it work. *cough* plankton.

We clocked in a respectable score, though not quite making the leader board for the day. Sadly, the country went into lockdown not too long after the launch, so at the time of writing I can’t find many other reviews. But this is one to watch!

A Dalek Awakens can be played at Escape Hunt Reading or Escape Hunt Birmingham and prices start at £25 pp.

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