The Enigmagram

An envelope lands on your doorstep, inside is a letter from someone but you don’t know who…

Rating: Brilliant
Completion Time: 30 minutes
Date Played: 25th of December 2019
Party Size: 2

If the date wasn’t a giveaway, why yes this was a Christmas gift! One of many I bought this Christmas – I’m reviewing the copy I purchased for my partner as we puzzled through it together on Christmas morning.

The thing is, I LOVE buying gifts for people that are experiences, like tickets or vouchers. Since Enigmagram’s series of puzzles ends with a link for your recipient to view a customised landing page with a message or image, you can use this as a cooler way to give a further gift. The “Inception” of the gift giving world as it were: A gift, within a gift.

The puzzles are really fun and force you to think outside the box (… Or the envelope 😜) to crack a code. Quite literally – we made the mistake of putting the envelope to one side thinking “pah, we won’t need this” – but oh yes, you do need it!

Solve sequences, rustle through receipts, fill out newspaper puzzles and squint really hard at photos. It’s good fun and great quality materials!

In terms of story – there isn’t one! Or rather, the story is what you make of it. A mysterious letter arrives at your door and through a series of numbered puzzles you crack a code to find out what the message says.

The website says for 15+ but I also gifted a copy to my 8 year old brother who had almost no trouble with a little help from us grownups. So the puzzles are a good level for all players!

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